Diving Adventures in Waiheke Island, Goat Island

It could take a lifetime to visit all New Zealand’s unique scuba diving sites that line the coast. You can go diving off Waiheke Island or if you want to avoid boat fees you can always go shore diving in at various sites north of Auckland. Some of the most popular diving adventures in New Zealand include the myriad of fiords, wrecks, and sub-tropical reefs. To put it bluntly, New Zealand is a diver’s paradise. It’s also a country rich in stories from history and Maori culture which runs deep on the island.

Enjoy Diving at Goat Island

One of New Zealand’s oldest and most beautiful marine reserves is Goat Island Marine Reserve. Goat Island features a variety of environments including rocky shores, kelp covered reefs, clean sandy bottom areas and underwater walls with plenty nooks and crannies to xplore. There’s plenty of wildlife to see including snapper, blue cod, crayfish, sea squirts, sponges and anemones. Goat Island is a great place to visit. There are no entrance fees which makes it very affordable for people considering to get into diving or for veterans just looking for a casual day trip. What’s unique about Goat Island is that the water can be very clear in warmer points of the year and a lot murkier in winter and autumn. In addition to being an excellent spot for diving and other recreational activities, Goat Island is great to visit because of the unique research opportunities available due to its unique characteristics. If you’re a biology hobbyist, some of the fish that you can see here are distinct from all the other sea animals in the world.

Diving at Jones Bay is another Popular Option

Diving Jones Bay at Tawharanui Peninsular is very popular for people looking to collect their limit of scallops while they’re in season. The water is clean and so is the sand and the large grassy areas make it, a nice place to be for a day of diving. It’s important that if you’re diving for scallops that you always measure your catch before you surface to make sure you are compliant. The main depths at Jones Bay are between 15 and 25 meters.

Diving is an exciting hobby for people that love outdoor activities and are confident in their swimming abilities. One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re diving is that it’s important to have familiarity with where you’re diving, either through research or working with a SSI certified diving instructor. At Go Dive Center we offer classes to teach you about diving in a variety of locations including Goat Island, Jones Bay, and Waiheke Island. In addition to working with our world-class SSI certified instructors, we’re also a supplier of Mares diving equipment. So, whether you want to learn more about diving or you just want to refine your skills, we’re able to help you grow as a diver so you can conquer those deeper locations. If you need new equipment or something specific we’ve got all the tools required for an easy and pleasant dive. You don’t have to wait to begin diving. Give the Go Dive Center a call today!

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