Learn to Dive through Our Excellent Open Water Dive Course at Our Accredited Diving School in Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand’s capital, is a renowned tourist hotspot largely thanks to its exciting nightlife, beautiful scenery in surrounding areas, wonderful beaches and being a city that has something for everybody. However, we believe that those who don’t try scuba diving while they’re here are seriously missing out. There’s a wealth of beauty under the sea that you need to witness, and the best way to see the marvels that lie deep beneath the surface is to strap on a scuba tank and head to the sea floor.

However, you should never attempt to go open water diving until you’ve completed the required training. You need to learn how to be safe when diving, what techniques to use and where to find the best underwater sights. You might assume it would be expensive to learn to dive in Auckland, but we’re here to tell you it’s more affordable than you’d expect, and you only need to be certified once to dive by yourself without professional assistance.

At Go Dive Center, our diving school in Auckland is the place to go if you want to learn the required skills to bear witness to the magnificent views of the ocean. Our professional scuba teachers will have you diving in a matter of days, and we know it’s a hobby you’ll love forever. If you want to experience everything the Earth has to offer, both above and underwater, you won’t regret learning how to dive with us.

Why You Should Take Our Open Water Dive Course in Auckland

We provide our training through the highly-esteemed Scuba Schools International, and we provide the best equipment to make sure you look cool and feel comfortable as you adapt to life with the fishes. Here’s why we’re certain you won’t regret learning to dive with Go Dive Center:

  • Small class sizes – You don’t have to worry about shaky nerves or a lack of confidence if you learn to dive with us. Our classes consist of four to six students, meaning we can spend quality time with individuals to ensure everybody acquires the diving skills they need to experience life below the ocean.
  • The very best equipment – We all know that scuba diving is a stylish sport, so you need to look the part when diving. We use equipment from top brands including Mares that ensure you’ll look amazing in the sea. Plus, you can feel confident that our high-end equipment won’t let you down.
  • Get close and personal with breathtaking aquatic life – When you’re ready to dive in the open water, you’ll witness some astounding aquatic creatures. You might even be lucky enough to come face to face with a dolphin or seal.

A Diving School in Auckland You Can Trust

At Go Dive Center, we know you’ll never stop diving after taking our open water dive course in Auckland. We comply with all New Zealand’s safety laws and are a fully accredited school, and your safety and enjoyment is our priority. If you want to make the most of your trip to the beautiful destination of Auckland, you won’t regret learning to scuba dive with us. Contact us today to change your life forever.

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